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High trees sprinkler ODW-1

High trees sprinkler is designed for high trees spraying however due to its’ construction it also can be used for long range spraying made horizontally or for traditional field spraying made by using standard field spraying machines. During high trees spray, liquid is brought into the air-jet using traditional nozzles or a diffuser with atomizer. Hydraulic control used in the machine allows for stepless (free) adjustment of the diffuser inclination angle from the vertical in the range from 10 to 80 degrees. This adjustment may be done during working crossing and in continuous way (without operator) in full or limited range using limit switches. The fully equipped spraying machine is mounted at a single-axle undercarriage. When the machine is operated with standard field bar it must be dismounted from the undercarriage and fixed at the tractors’ 3-point hitch.


Technical parameters

Sprinkler weight 970 kg
Dimensions transport position work position
Length  2,4 m 2,4 m
Width  1,6 m  2,6 m
Height  3,4 m  2,4 m
Tyres 7,50 – 20 8PR
Wheel track 1,4 m
Speed transport work
  Up to 15 km/h  3 – 10 km/h
Spray reach vertical horizontal
   25 m  35 m
Aggregated tractor min 90 KM
Attendance Tractor’s operator



Liquid flow out rate  0,2 – 1,2 l/min
Drop diameter from 40 to 200 µm



Revolutions  1800 rpm
Capacity  10,4 m3/s
Flow speed  53 m/s
Total pressure  1700 Pa
Fan operating range  9° – 82°