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Palax 55 circular saw

The safest and most complete machine on the market.

As standard, the machine is equipped with a silent and smoothly cutting hard-metal blade. The resulting cut surface is smooth and the hard-metal blade is exceptionally durable.

As far as possible, the Palax 55 comes ready-assembled. All the electric connections have been accomplished.

The grooved rotary support rollers and the extension table with rollers make the working easier and safer. The wood chute piles up the cut-off logs next to the log splitter.

The Palax 55 is easy to handle and transport to the desired site. The machine is equipped with solid rubber tyres with rapid adjustment.

The slide for feeding on ball bearings is extremely easy to handle and safe in operation. The double thread on the splitting screw bites into even an icy log. The splitting screw has a replaceable tip.

The machine powered by combustion engine is equipped with a clutch to enable loosening of the v-belts for start-up. This makes it easy and effortless to start the machine even in winter.