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Palax Power 100s firewood processor

The most efficient, productive and reliable firewood processor of its size designed for professional use for processing big trees

The Palax Power 100s Firewood Processor comes with an automatic high-speed valve for the splitting cylinder as standard. The high-speed motion brings added speed for small trees and added force for big trees. The Palax Optimi method and the automatic high-speed valve enable fast splitting operation. The transmission drive belts of the Palax Power 100s are equipped with automatic tightening. Keeping the belts at the correct tightness greatly extends the service life of the belts and the entire transmission. Lubed-for-life ball bearings in all the control levers make operation of the machine precise, reliable and long-lived and extend the service intervals.

Optimising the stroke length increases the splitting speed

The Palax Optimi is a patented method for optimising the length of the splitting stroke by limiting the cylinder stroke in accordance with the length of the processed wood. A full stroke is used for processing 55 cm-long pieces of firewood. If the length of the processed wood is 30 cm, then the cylinder stroke is reduced to almost a half and thus the splitting speed is virtually doubled.