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Palax Power 90s firewood processor

Created for professionals

The Palax Power 90 Firewood Processor with a 900 mm overhead hard-metal blade is designed for heavy professional use and includes several unique features developed by Palax. In addition to the blade with hard-metal bits, the efficiency of the machine is increased by the patented Palax-Optimi system and the automatic high-speed valve for splitting. The fully hydraulic control, the in-feed conveyor and the 4,3-m long discharge conveyor make processing of firewood quicker and easier. The Power 90 machine comes in two versions, either powered by tractor or, as a combination, powered either by tractor or electric motor.

Two different models available – the Power 90s and the Power 90sG

Depending on the scope of application, choose either the Power 90s or the Power 90sG model. The Power 90s is intended for continuous professional use, in particular for processing Nordic timber species such as birch, pine and spruce etc. The Power 90s is equipped with a traditional splitting chute with a wedge that splits in 2/4 ways as standard and a wedge that splits in 2/6 ways as an option. The machine comes with either a 5,6 ton or 8 ton splitting cylinder.

The Power 90sG is intended for continuous professional use for processing also hard timber species, such as oak and beech. Even splitting in 8 ways is possible with this machine. The Power 90sG machine can be equipped with a splitting cylinder of either 10 tons or 16 tons.

The Power 90sG machine comes with a specially reinforced splitting chute with a wedge cassette. The wedge cassette is replaced using the winch. As standard, the machine comes with a splitting wedge that splits in 2/6 ways, and wedges splitting either in 2/4 ways or 2/8 are also available as an option.