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Trencher PR-H

Trencher PR-H is designed for maintenance ditches along road.

Rotating head unit during its’ work makes groove approx. 50 cm depth and embankment which height depends on upper cover position. The head unit work direction: anticlockwise.

The most efficient work can be done on well maintenance areas, where soil with stones compacting wasn’t made and tick roots grove near the ditch was prevented. Small tree stumps and roots 4 cm diameter should be milled well.

The trencher PR-H can be use to flower-bed plow on after agricultural areas, meadows, dampy terrains and shallow meliorative drains pervious.

The trencher PR-H has hydraulic drive from its’ own supply system. It’s driven from tractor by PTO shaft.

Parameters Value
Lenght 2400 mm
Width (transportation/operational) 2050 / 3850 mm
Transportation height 2550 mm
Weight 1300 kg
Ditch width up to 610 mm
Bottom ditch width min 220 mm
Upper ditch width min 920 mm
Operation depth adjustement boom cylinder
Operational head width / max / 850 mm
Tractor PTO shaft revs 540/1000 rpm
Operational head revs 225 rpm
Head drive Own hydraulics
Operational drive speed max 700 m/h
Operational head position from tractor axis 1,8 to 2,4 m
Tractor recommended (Creeper gear needed) 1,4 T
Attendance 1 person