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Road mixer device UDM

Forest roads has to be cheap and easy to build and simultaneously heavy-duty to allow heavy trucks drive on. Therefore it is necessary to build forest roads according modern methods and to take full advantage of science. Based on several roads built, made at Olsztyn State Forest Regional Directoree area, highly ecological, fast, cheap and permanent solution has been designed by making the most of native soil as a construction material with relevant stabilizers. Inspired of this kind forest roads build, OTL Jarocin had planned to make device for soil granulate together with mixing it with stabilizer and stabilizer distributor. The prototype – marked UDM symbol – has been made on 2010. This kind of machine can be used for forests road build, walk and bicycle paths on forest areas.

The technology can be used by existing construction companies and forest entrepueners, as well.

The technology has to be followed strictly, especially according to sequence of mixing dosage and make time.

Device can be drive by standard tractor, with min 175 kW power output ( 4 wheels tractor is recommended), equipted in triple point hang-on system 3rd class. The power need depends on working shaft depth work.

Technical parameters

Device type “UDM-20” Value
Lenght 2330 mm
Width 2530 mm
Height 1738 mm
Weight 2570 kg
Attendance 1 person
Tractor power min 175 kW ( ok. 240 KM )
PTO shaft rotations 1000 rpm
Knive quantity 60 pcs
Shaft diameter 800 mm
Shaft rotations approx. 320 rpm
Work width 2020 mm
Work speed average up to 0,5 km/h
Total intersecting axis gear and belt gear shift 0,323 ( 1 : 3,10 )

PTO shaft (example, fulfil requirements):

–          manufacturer (recommended)                 Bondioli & Pavesi ( Italy )

–          type                                                         C S0 N 076 CE R10 H0

–          nominal moment transmision                   1785 Nm for 1000 rpm

–          work range allowed                                 Lmax=1170 mm, Msmax=2690 Nm

–          tip (diameter/inlet quantity):

–          tractor side                                        f 45 / 20

–          device side                                        f 45 / 6


For device drive, shaft with CE and parameters mentioned above can be use, only.