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Road shredder RSD 20

Road Shredder RSD 20 (with horizontaly work shaft and immovable knive) is designed for sward overgrown or point hardening (ex. construction rubble or tarmac waste) of forests’ road surface grinding. Grinding should be made always before road’s leveling and soil compacting. Additionally Shredder can be used for branch crushing (after clear cut) and other shredder’s treatments.

Road’s shredder is drive from standard tractors with power min output of  140 kW (suggested tractor’s drive 4×4). Power need directly depending from work depth.

Simply adjustement can be made by changing tractor’s triple-point hang (during drive) or side skids’ height attachement.


Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Lenght 1600 mm
Width 2540 mm
Height 1250 mm
Weight 2005 kg
Attendance 1 person
Tractor’s power min 140 kW (approx. 190 KM)
Tractor’s PTO-shaft revolution 1000 rpm
Knive quantity 42 pcs.
Shaft’s diameter 705 mm
Shaft’s revolution approx. 655 rpm
Work width 2020 mm
Work speed approx. 0,8 km/h
Work depth 12-15 centimetres