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Road leveller V3-220

Road Leveller V3-220 is designed for forest roads maintenance.

Its’ long frame and proper blades angle make road level by groove bulldoze and prevents road irregularity duplication. Hydraulic steering makes deep control smoothly.

For preliminary road soil consistency, leveller can be equipped in hydraulic uplift press roller. Whole leveller work can be made from tractor’s cabin.



Technical parameters

Lenght 6800 mm
Work width 2200 mm
Recommended maintenance ride width 2500-4000 mm
Weight 800 kg
Working blades quantity 3 pcs
Indented blades quantity 1 pc
Ground clearance 310 mm
Work depth control hydraulic
Type Hanged on, dragged
Wheels 135/80 R12
Tractor’s power min 50kW
Attendance Tractor’s operator