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Road vibrate roller WBR

Constant roads repair and maintenance necessity constrain induct work mechanisation with very heavy equipement. From couple of years OTL Jarocin offers roads’ levelers and schredders. Follow up Customers’ needs we had designed Road Vibrate Roller.

Roads’ Vibrate Roller WBR  purpose is leveled soil compacting after roads’ repair and maintenance. Roller’s purpose permits for roads’ repair work quality and quiken. Compacting process should be technological forego by roads’ leveling using Roads’ Leveller V3-220 or V4-240. Soil roads overgrown by torf and earlier pointly harden by construction rubble or tarmac waste have to be pointly leveled and compacted after milling.

Mainly Roller’s advantage is usability with agricultural tractors’ powered of  90 kW and hydraulic flow of 60 l/min (efficiency of hydraulic system prevails on roller’s vibrate control). Required hydraulic oil flow in roller’s hydraulic system is 30 – 60 l/min (nominal pressure 175 bar) so it makes vibration control range from 12 – 25 Hz and roller’s revolutions on 900 – 1500 rotations/min. This range lets select suitable parameters to work on sandy, claydy and broken stone grounds. Frequency control can be made by build in roller’s system valve sets changing or directly from cabin. Vibration’s frequency shows gauge included.


Technical parameters

Parameter Measurment Value
Width mm 2220
Heigth mm 1500
Length mm 3370
Total weight kg 5000
Vibration’s frequency Hz 30
Amplitude mm 1,1
PTO-shaft revs revs/min 540
Drive own hydraulic
Attendance 1 person
working speed km/h approx. 0,6
Tractor’s power kW min. 80