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Fertilizer sprayer OS-1

OS-1 fertilizer sprayer for tree nurseries has been built in CDA technology (Controlled Droplet Application). This is a tractor mounted sprayer made in Poland that is based on Micron Electrafan spraying modules. The device is equipped in six spraying units mounted on a self-levelling bar which enables simultaneous spraying of 3 lines in a nursery. The main bar can be set on different heights from the ground depending on the requirements. The working direction and angle of the sprayers are fully adjustable. The liquid is dosed from a 200 litre container. Each of the spraying modules is connected to a separate on/off switch and a valve supplying the liquid. The main flow valve enables liquid mixing and adjusting the amount supplied to the spraying units.

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Type Tractor hanged
Transport width 2200 mm
Working width 5500 mm
Height 2200 mm
Spraying modules number 6 pcs
Own weight 350 kg
Weight with working liquid 550 kg
Minimum required tractor power 50 HP
Container capacity 200 l
Container for hand-washing liqiud 7 l
Recommended working speed from 3 to 5 km/h
Handling staff 1 – tractor operator