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Arboretum crevice BS

Arboretum crevice BS, disk-active, is designed for furrow making at V shape in arboretums. Mounted on triple-point tractor’s hang, powered by tractor’s PTO shaft.

It’s very useful in heavy soil. It can made 25 cm depth 2 – 5 furrows with 6 cm width at the top. Disks can be moved so it’s enable to make different intervals between furrows. Additionally device can be load by extenders.

Technical parameters

Parameter Data
Type  Hanged, active
Lenght  1130 mm
Width  1550 mm
Hight  1100 mm
Work disks diameter (standard)  600 mm
Work disks quantity (equipped in)  5 pcs
Weight (with 5 disks)  360 kg
Disk weight  45 kg
Disks rotation direction  Drive direction
Attendance  1 person
Tractor’s power  min. 45 kW (60 KM)
PTO shaft  540 rpm