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RC 65 – Trayfiller

Production up to 600 trays/hour


Trayfiller realized to satisfy any filling request; made for expanded polystyrene, thermoformed and also for shuttle trays.
The machine is user friendly and strong, equipped with innovative system to get a filling with adjustable soil density
The trayfiller RC 65 can be used as single machine or in line with others machines.


High grip advancement belt L = 1700 mm.
Hopper capacity 800 l with belt at the bottom.
Scoop soil elevator with double chain.
Linear rotor with 4 blades.
Tray cleaning brush and double auger.
Electric panel start/stop, emergency and limit switch.
The production can be adjusted from 200 to 600 trays/hour.
Maximum tray dimensions:
mod RC: 600x400xh200 mm
mod RC E: 750x500xh200 mm
Installed power 4,5 KW 3 PH 400 V 50/60 Hz.Weight 585 kg.


Electropneumatic tray denester with 2 movements adustable with one single handle.
Electropneumatic tray denester with 3 movements.
Soil hopper with capacity of 1100 l.
Accelerator belt 530 mm at the outlet for the connection to other machines.
Fixed table at the outlet.
Adjustment device for trays with legs.
2 wheels for transport.

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