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Palax KS 35 ERGO ir s

A modern easy-to-operate firewood processor with a 15” chain-saw

Thanks to the lateral path of motion of the crosscut handle on a level with the operator’s pelvis instead of the traditional from up to down movement, the operating ergonomics of the KS 35 Ergo is excellent. This machine is the optimal choice where the diameter of the trees being processed varies a lot. The maximum cutting diameter is 35 cm. Thanks to the foldable conveyor, the machine fits in small space. The width of the machine is 2,85 m, the height is 2,4 m and the depth is 0,95 m.

Putting the machine into operation is easy and quick

The machine is always delivered ready assembled. The in-feed conveyor and the discharge conveyor are equipped with easy-to-use quick-releases and the discharge conveyor is fitted with a lift as standard. Thus the operation may be started quickly without having to use any tools.

Palax KS 35s Firewood Processor

The chain-saw and the in-feed conveyor of the Palax KS 35s model are completely hydraulically controlled by an easy-to-operate joystick-valve. Hydraulic height position control of the splitting wedge. The speed of the splitting cylinder is determined by the automatic high-speed valve, which is a standard feature. Hydraulic quick-connectors are provided for external log-lifting deck.