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Palax KS 43 s

New firewood processor for professional use 

Ylistaron Terästakomo has made the innovative new KS43s chainsaw machine for the wood processing market. The machine is designed particularly for heavy-duty professional users. KS43s is designed for contractors who chop wood from tree trunks of widely varying diameters. The maximum length of the wood to be processed is 55 cm; the maximum girth 43 cm. The machine has a fully hydraulic joystick control system, meaning that operating the machine is physically undemanding and straightforward. Among the machine’s innovations, there is a press and drop plate for the processed wood that guides the chopped lengths of wood to the correct position for the blade.The Palax KS43s machine has a powerful crosscut saw with a 20″ flange. Wood-splitting begins automatically after the wood has been cut into lengths. The machine has a new patented three-speed cylinder, which makes short work of smaller pieces of wood and can handle up to 16 tonnes of force for big blocks of wood. A 4.3 m long hydraulic side-on unloading conveyor transfers the processed firewood to large sacks or onto a pallet. The machine is hydraulically operated and has no V-belts.

The KS43s is available as a mounted tractor-operated machine (TR) or a tractor/mains electrical combination machine (TR/SM). The machine comes with quick connectors as standard, such as for an external log platform. The KS43s chainsaw machine also comes with a hydraulic oil cooler and can be fitted with a harvester flange.