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Palax KS40

Palax introduces a strong novelty – the Palax KS40. This machine offers a great alternative for firewood entrepreneurs, who value a strong and easy-to-operate firewood processor with chain-saw. The machine has a 16” saw-bar, and a splitting force of 13 tonnes. The maximum diameter for the log to be processed is 38 cm. The machine is available in two versions – the Ergo (basic) model and the s-model (with joystick control). The user of the Ergo model benefits from excellent ergonomics, due to the crosscut handle having a lateral motion instead of the traditional up-down motion. The joystick of the s-model is easy to operate, making operation of the machine extremely efficient.As an option, the KS40 can be equipped with a Power-Speed cylinder, which increases the operating speed at three different splitting forces.

The KS40 is equipped with a 4.3 m-long discharge conveyor that can be shifted mechanically 2.2 m to the side. The discharge conveyor has two chains. The conveyor is open also on the underside, which ensures its trouble-free operation. KS40 machines are equipped as standard with an extra hydraulic circuit for an external in-feed roller. The s-model is equipped as standard with an extra hydraulic circuit for an external log-deck, while the Ergo offers this feature as an option.

The new, strong KS40 range is an update to the familiar, well-established and successful KS35 model. It is available powered by tractor (TR) or by tractor/electric motor (TR/SM).