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Five disc plough P5T

Five-disc plough P5T is mounted on triple-point tractor’s adjorn of 0,9 T and 1,4 T tractor rank.

Blades are work elements, singly hanged on and tightened to surface by telescopic spring. All blades are directed on one side and make soil belt mineralization of 2 m wide on one ride.

Plough is equipped in field wheel, at the front, for depth regulation and furrow wheel, at the rear, for sideways forces balancing purposes reacting on tractor during plough work.


Technical parameters

Parameter Data
Plough type Hanged on
Lenght /width /heigh  2750/2990/1780 mm
weight  640 kg
Plow depht  Up to 180 mm
Work lenght 1600 mm
Work disc quantity  5 pcs
Roadblock pass by  Up to 210  mm
Work depht control  Smoothly
Work ride speed  3 – 7 km/h
Efficiency  (anti-fire belt)  2 – 4 km/h
Tractor’s power  min 90 HP
Attendance Tractor’s operator