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Extinguish set ZPP

Extinguish set can be mounted on hook set and is designed to store and supply water and specialized eqiupment to forest’s areas during fire risk to support the fire action make.

The extinguisher set is equipted in connections to fill it up and empty it using its’ equipment. Whole set is mounted on the the platform enables to transport it by hook set.


The extinguish set is equipted in:

a) steel container, capacity around 5000 l
b) fire motopomp M 8/8; TOHATSU model VC72AS
c) vacum set
d) high pressure motopomp modul, capacity around 50 l/min with foam making agent and supply:  Fireco model 5040B
e) 6 hose segments Ø 52
f) 2 alternators Turbo 52
g) switches set
h) 2 shovels (wroughted)
i) 2 fire flappers
j) 1 axe 2,2 kg
k) 2 fire extinguishers
l) canister, capacity 20 1
m) fill in tank vacuum pomp: NIAGARA 1
n) chainsaw: Stihl MS 341
o) equipment built-up
p) platform frame bearer