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Sandworm exterminator GRUB

Sandworm exterminator “GRUB” is designed for soil pests destroy, e.g. chafer grubs at forest nurseries. Its’ construction allows for soil narrow slits cutt on 10 – 15 cm depht and liqiud injection with high pressure. Proper liquid concentration and injection assures work improvement up to 100% effectiveness.

Sandworm exterminator “Grub” can be use at:

forest nurseries liquid fertilization,

diseases chemical protection,

other liquids injection,

grubs extermination at other type plantations, e.g. strawberries plantations.

Sandworm exterminator “GRUB” can be aggregated with each field liquid sprayer after links adaptation.

Technical parameters

lenght/width/hight 1070 mm/1730 mm/300 mm
weight ca. 135 kg
Work depth (spray)* 100 – 150 mm
Nozzle diameter 1mm
Cutting disks diameter 400 mm or 480 mm
Work sections 6
Work pressure (recommended)* 0,15 – 1,6 MPa (1,5 – 16 bar)
Work liquid amount* 14 l/ar
Work speed* 2 – 5 km/h
Mounted Hanged on
Attendance Tractor’s operator

*parameter depends on liquid