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WSA Rooter (active)

WSA Rooter is designed to plants root on arboretums with simultaneously soil shake from root system. Rooter knife is exchangeable and it is possible to assemble knive with various work width (frame width limitation only) to the same frame. The knife is equipted in grate elements lifting up plants. These elements are unmoveable. Moveable grate elements are mounted between fixed grate elements, simplify soil shake from root system. Moveable grate is drive by hydraulic motor by eccentric mechanism.

The support wheels set with adjusteable position keeps regular work depth.



Technical datas:

  •  Type                                                          hanged, active
  •  Dimensions

o   lenght                                                                     1750 mm

o   height – without root knife                          approx. 1100 mm

o   width                                                              see table below

  •  Work depth                                                   up to 380 mm
  •  Required pressure in hydraulic system                 160 MPa
  •  Hydraulic oil flow                                                  40 l/min
  •  Work speed                                                    2 – 5 km/godz
  •  Attendance                                                           1 person

The rooter frame bearer enables knive and shake grate with varius width. Therefore approximate accomplished parameters are as mentioned below:

Optional made:

Features Patch diamention
1100 1300 1500
Root work width 1165 1365 1565 mm
Total width 1700 1900 2100 mm
Weight 480 510 540 kg