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We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our range with lightweight and easily-adjustable support sets for nursery trays. The sets consist of 21 interconnected supports, creating spoil areas with a length of 13 m and width of 1.24 m. One set provides support for up to 80 nursery trays, that is, for 4,240 V300 seedlings or 5,920 V200 and V150 seedlings. Assembly and disassembly of a single set takes less than a minute, so the annual organisation of spray areas will be easier and less time consuming.

The current range for nurseries includes durable and easy-to-use expanded polystyrene nursery trays and supports, either singly or in sets, enabling industrial and manual cultivation of cuttings and seedlings in forestry, horticulture and gardening.

Nursery trays are manufactured in two varieties differing in number and volume of slots:

  • Tray V300/53 has 53 slots with a volume of 0.275 dm3
  • Tray V200/74 has 74 slots with a volume of 0.195 dm3
  • Tray V150/74 has 74 slots with a volume of 0.145 dm3

Tray supports are manufactured in two versions, with a height of 16 cm and 9 cm. Both supports hold as standard eight trays, four on each side, and allow the free movement of air, essential for drying overgrown roots. We also offer ready-to-use sets of both types of support for up to 80 trays.