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Substratum sower SRS

Substrutum sower SRS for arboretums enables regular substrutum sowing on arboretum’s areas. Sowing subsrutum is regulated speed portioned, mixed with soil and rolled by string roller. Substrutum sower is recommended for dry tender substutums because it’s immediately mixed with soil.

Substrutums construction enables various loose substance sowing ex. compost. Substrutum sower can not be used for clump and powdery substance ex. fertilizers.

Substrutums elements (belt feeder, string shaft) are self-contained controled so it can work with each device off.

Substrutums construction enables self-contained operation with tractor.


Technical parameters

Parameter Data
Lenght 5500 mm
Width 1830 mm
Drive height 2050 mm
Weight (empty set) 1 470 kg
Wheels 11.5/80-15
Axis quantity 1 pc
Track of wheels 1100 mm
Electric instalation (steering) 12 V
Feeder control Hydraulic
Hydraulic pressure 16,0 MPa
Hydraulic oil pressure 40 – 55 l/min
PTO shaft rotation 540 rpm
Substrutum’s box capacity 3 mp
Work width 1100 mm
Spring shaft work width 1350 mm
Max transport speed 20 km/godz.
Tractor power Approx. 90 kW