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One row lifter F-TL 1030
Deciduous and coniferous forest seedlings excavation of seedlings height from 15 cm. to 210 cm.
Adapted to dig seedlings when grown seedlings 5 lines system
Ability to work in hard and wet soils.
Hitching with standard three-point suspension system with an extra hitch on tractors right.
Hydraulic power transmission, separate hydro pump with oil tank, powered by by the shaft.
All units combine performance driven individual Hydraulic motor with power adjustment.
Excavation Knife (movable) 25 cm wide to dig seedlings grown in 5 lines system
Excavation depth is controlled from the tractor cab, hydraulic cylinders.
Seedling assembly conveyor to transport the plants to seedlings assembly table
Root shaking two phases: the first phase of rotating rods mounted on hydro power engine, and the second phase of the two parallel strips moving from side to side.
Seedling pick up table is adjustable and mounted at the end of the conveyor.
Scalp wheels is mounted on the machine
Hydraulic connections to the tractor –  2 (4hose) pairs
Platform by fork lift elevator.
Excavating blade control (depth and shift from side to side) from the tractor cab.
Weight of the lifter – 1000 kg